Ownership and Funding Information

Ownership and Funding Information for The Kashmir Upfront

Kashmir Upfront is a digital news and information platform owned and managed by a team of dedicated young Kashmiri journalists whose mission is to provide a dynamic and engaging online space where people can access news, information, and insights about Kashmir and the world at large.

Funding for Kashmir Upfront primarily comes from advertisements that are displayed on our website and other social media platforms. We work with various brands and companies to promote their products and services to our audience. However, we are committed to maintaining editorial independence, and we do not allow our advertisers to influence the content that we produce.

As a responsible media platform, we are transparent about our funding sources and maintain a clear separation between our editorial content and advertising. We make sure that all advertising is clearly identified and separated from editorial content to avoid any confusion among our readers.

We believe that transparency is important, and we are committed to being open and honest with our readers. If you have any questions or concerns about our ownership or funding sources, please do not hesitate to contact us.